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Where Are They Now?

Facebook Rolling Out Free Phone Calls In U.S. For iPhone Users

The VoIP service is just another way for the social network to become the Internet's one-stop shop.

Facebook users in the U.S. will now be able to make free phone calls on their iPhones. The new service is an expansion of the firm's move two weeks ago into VoIP calls, which has initially been testing in Canada. It's the second big announcement this week for the social media network, which unveiled Graph Search, its occasionally NSFW new search feature, two days ago.

The service works on the Messenger app—no update is needed. Just tap on the "i" button in the top corner and select Free Call. It's just the latest move by Facebook to position itself as the Internet's one-stop shop, displacing Google in the process.

[Image by Flickr user zigazou76]