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Ready To Ditch Your Computer's Mouse And Grab The Air? Leap Motion Controller To Be Sold At Best Buy

If you've ever wanted to control your screen with the wave of a finger, this device is for you.

Only weeks after making a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and nine months after it was introduced, the makers of the Leap Motion Controller announced that they've signed an exclusive deal with Best Buy to sell the 3-D computer controller beginning in the latter part of Q1. You can preorder at Best Buy's website, starting in February. (Or preorder right now at

The small device gives users 3-D control over their computers to allow them to do things like move puzzle pieces or shape designs using motions in the air instead of clicking and dragging a mouse.

(To see a demonstration from the CES click here).

Leap President and COO Andy Miller told The Next Web that the company has seen the product gain popularity among a variety of demographics from gamers to technical artists to people who just think it's a fun gadget to have. It will retail for $70.

Do you want to ditch the mouse and grab some air?

[Photo by Flickr user osde8info]

[Ed. Note: An earlier version of this story misstated the title of Leap President and COO Andy Miller. We also clarified the dates and locations for preorder and purchase since this story was originally published.]

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