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Attention Developers! New York And San Francisco Will Soon Host Google Glass Events

Interested in developing products for those Google spectacles? Well, there's an event for that.

Without giving anyone much time to check their busy schedules, Google has announced a couple of developer events for its Google Glass project. With one in San Francisco and one in New York, the "hackathons," as they have been billed, will be open to any developers who signed up for a pair of the $1,500 AR glasses, the brainchild of Sergey Brin.

So far, we have seen little of the project, although Google is pushing them as must-have accessories for both skydivers and fashionistas alike—that's Diane Von Furstenberg in the image above.

With the exotic yet artisanal moniker Glass Foundry, these East and West Coast events will allow developers to get familiar with the glasses, the Mirror API, all in the company of Google's own engineers. The firm has even made a short film explaining the API in more detail.

Hey, that's a mighty fine PSA-style video you've done, Google. The dates are as follows: January 28 and 29 in San Francisco, and February 1 and 2 in New York. Both events will be held at Google's offices in each city.
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