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Where Are They Now?

Twitter's Oscar Index To Measure Just How Wrong All Your Predictions Are

Your opinions matter to Twitter, even if you aren't a member of the Academy.

Twitter's Oscar Index To Measure Just How Wrong All Your Predictions Are

Just in case your social flow isn't already telling you just how great Daniel Day-Lewis's performance was in Lincoln, there's now a Twitter Oscars Index. The feed, which builds on the earlier success of the Twitter Political Index, measures the public's feelings about Academy Award-contending actors and movies.

"All year long millions of people talk about their favorite movies and movies they've seen and movies they love," said Fred Graver, Twitter's Head of Television and the creator of VH1's Best Week Ever franchise. "On Twitter that [discussion] heats up around Oscar time, especially around a night like Sunday night when there were 3.6 million tweets about the Golden Globes."

The index measures the number and positivity of tweets about certain movies. So far, Lincoln has been soaring with a nearly 80 percent rating in the index, while movies like Argo have been more up and down depending on the day. The index also measures when celebs come into the public conversation, such as when people began buzzing about Beasts Of The Southern Wild director Benh Zeitlin after the Golden Globes.

Unlike the Political Index, which ended up being a fairly accurate measure of the election, Graver said he didn't see the Oscar Index as doing anything but giving the public a voice in the conversation.

"It's a really great way of saying how people are feeling about these nominees on a given day," he said.

To keep up with the Twitter Oscar Index, click here.