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60 Seconds In The Life Of Social Media—And Where Your Company Fits In

Social media moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

60 Seconds In The Life Of Social Media--And Where Your Company Fits In

It's safe to say that nearly every U.S.-based business is either involved in some way with social media, or has considered getting into it. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have been hot for years. Some find success. Others aren't sure how to even define social media success. Most, regardless of current success level, do not fully grasp the speed at which social media moves.

Trying to keep up with social media is hard enough without understanding the speed component. For example, how is a business owner supposed to judge whether their internal social media guru is doing what's best for the company by posting one Tweet a day. To some, a daily Tweet might seem sufficient until they hear that there are 347,000 Tweets sent out per minute on a platform of over half a billion users. Suddenly, that daily Tweet certainly seems like it might be getting lost in the noise.

This infographic by Social Jumpstart breaks down the various activities that happen in a social media minute:

The rate at which social media moves in any single minute continues to get faster. More people are joining. Once they've tried out this site or that site, they may start to post more often. It's a self-perpetuating beast that requires business owners that really want to make a splash to either get involved and understand the real scope or hire someone who knows the numbers and understands the game. It's no longer sufficient to hire one's nephew because he's a young college student who understands such things. Businesses have to understand the numbers.

[Image: Flickr user jDevaun]