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DARPA's Deep Sea Drones Will Live At The Bottom Of The Ocean—Until Deployment

A new project from the military think tank could put drone-and-weapon-filled pods on the ocean floor for rapid U.S. Navy deployment worldwide.

DARPA's Deep Sea Drones Will Live At The Bottom Of The Ocean--Until Deployment

Military think tank DARPA just announced their latest project, and it involves—yes—stashing drones at the bottom of the ocean. The newly announced Upward Falling Payloads program plans to deploy unmanned pods filled with autonomous vehicles and non-lethal weaponry to the ocean floor, where they can then automatically float to the surface for use by the Navy or energy companies as needed. A conference will be held on January 25 at DARPA headquarters to discuss potential communications and engineering concerns.

"The goal is to support the Navy with distributed technologies anywhere, anytime over large maritime areas. If we can do this rapidly, we can get close to the areas we need to affect, or become widely distributed without delay," says DARPA's Andy Coon. Other recent DARPA projects include experimental weapons for cyberwarfare and cybernetic binoculars for soldiers.

[Image: Wikimedia user Oytun 73]