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Conversations Platform Branch Launches To Public With A Handful Of New Features

The hub for creative conversations finally opens to the public a year after it launched.

Branch, the social conversation platform created by Twitter cofounders Ev Williams and Biz Stone, today launched to the public, so anyone can create or join a branch of conversation. The site had previously been in an invite-only beta.

In the year since Branch first launched, it's become home to a wellspring of commentary from thought leaders across industries. Last year Fast Company branched conversations featuring Gen Fluxers such as Box's Aaron Levie, GE's Beth Comstock, and BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti.

Branch has also added some new bells and whistles to the public version, including a highlighting feature, an activity feed that shows you exactly who's reading what you have to say, and SoundCloud and Spotify integration so you can play music in Branch.

[Image: Flickr user angsthase]

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