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How Getty Images Is Going Social Using Twitter Trends

The stock image giant introduced @Feedmegetty, for photos of topics trending on Twitter.

How Getty Images Is Going Social Using Twitter Trends

Ever hear of a trending topic on Twitter that sounds familiar but you just can't quite picture it in your head? Getty may be offering a quick fix for that.

Getty Images is getting more social with a new initiative that will piggyback off Twitter trends to identify photos and highlight them on @feedmegetty, the photo company's Facebook page, or the Getty website. The social additions went live Monday.

For example, as of press time, the number one trending topic in the world was Spanish politician Esperanza Aguirre. Getty, in response, pushed out a stock picture of her for news organizations to purchase, and to help inform normal Internet surfers.

Last year, Getty introduced new Connect system to make it easier for bloggers to embed Getty's image products. The company also partnered with Soundcloud to make it easier for SoundCloud's 20 million members to license Getty Music images.