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Researchers, Academics Remember Aaron Swartz with #PDFTribute

Scholars are posting their articles online for free, as a tribute to the Reddit co-founder.

Researchers, Academics Remember Aaron Swartz with #PDFTribute

In the days following the death of Reddit co-founder and Internet pioneer Aaron Swartz, academics took to the Internet to post free PDFs of their work.

Swartz, at the time of his death, had been facing charges relating to scholarly articles he illegally downloaded.

Here's how everyone from Occupy Wall Street to universities have weighed in as part of the memorial movement.

Occupy Wall Street's New York branch and Anonymous praised the movement on their official Twitter accounts:

Professors like UCSD professor James Fowler and CUNY professor C.W. Anderson tweeted out links to their PDFs available for free online.

Researchers at universities around the world, undergraduates and graduates, also posted their tributes.

Even the official Twitter account of the University of Florida Libraries Scholarly Communications Office joined in.

[Photo by Flickr user Joi]