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Where Are They Now?

New Law Allows Social Media Sharing Of Netflix Choices

The movie rental company can now allow users to automatically share their choices on Facebook.

New Law Allows Social Media Sharing Of Netflix Choices

Get ready to tell all of your friends that you watched six episodes of West Wing last night. Thanks to a bill signed into law by President Obama on Thursday, Netflix and other video rental service users will be able to automatically share their viewing choices to all of their friends on social media. The Video Privacy Protection Act Amendments Act passed through the Senate and House last year without objection, the Hill reported.

Previously, video rental companies were banned from publicly sharing information about a user's movie choices because of the 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act, which was passed after Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork's video rental history was made public.

Will you opt into the sharing options? Or are your movie choices private?

[Picture by Flickr user rachellynnae]