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F.A.A. To Review Boeing 787 Dreamliner After Spate of Incidents

The F.A.A. will work with a team of Boeing engineers on the review.

The Federal Aviation Agency will begin a review of the new 787 Dreamliner after a spate of frightening issues since the jetliner debuted a little more than a year ago. The most recent incident came in Boston earlier this week when a fire broke out in the underbelly of a Japan Airlines plane.

"The safety of the traveling public is our top priority," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. "This review will help us look at the root causes and do everything we can to safeguard against similar events in the future."

The F.A.A. will work with a team of Boeing engineers to review the aircraft's electrical power and distribution system.

While it may be a big roadbump for the 787, it's not the first time the company has had to rethink its strategy surrounding the popular jetliner. But with innovative plans for planes of the future in its company DNA, it's probably not the last one they'll obstacle they'll have to overcome.

Though to be honest, for passengers it's a terrifying one.

[Photo by Flickr user Guerric]