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R U Killing Elephants? Text Messages The Latest Weapon In Fight Against Wildlife Poachers

The Kenya Wildlife Service continues to battle illicit hunting.

An idea that uses SMS alerts in the fight against the poachers is being contemplated by the Kenya Wildlife Service. Rangers working in the country's wildlife parks would receive alerts on their mobiles whenever a park boundary was breached, enabling them to target the area. Conservationists are hoping that the scheme, which would mean alarming the fences of all of the parks—some of which do not even have physical boundaries—would cut poaching by 90%.

There are worries that the scheme will be costly and unworkable, however. "Some parks are very big and the idea would only work in conservancies which have a much smaller land area," said Patrick Omondi, head of the species department at the KWS.

Technology is already at the forefront of the fight against poaching—DNA testing is one of the big ideas currently being contemplated to catch the bad guys—and Google is already helping the cause by funding a $5 million drone project for the World Wildlife Fund.

[Image from Flickr user yaaaay]

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