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Oscar Fever: Zach Braff, James Van Der Beek Among Many Twitter-Pitching #Sixwordfilmplots

Ernest Hemingway once said that his best work was done in six words: "For sale: baby shoes. Never used." (That idea eventually lead to a publishing cottage industry. Now, on Twitter, the notion was borrowed for movie plots as the hashtag #sixwordfilmplots began to trend just in time for Oscar season. Here are a few pitches people (including famous people like James Van Der Beek and Zach Braff) had.

Actor James Van Der Beek weighed in, leaving us to wonder: what would aspiring filmmaker Dawson Leery (the character from the teen drama Dawson's Creek, which jump-started Van Der Beek's career) say?

The Twitterverse seemed to react most favorably to Richard Dreyfuss's ideas. His sharks tale was retweeted more than 738 times.

Even corporations weighed in on the fun.

Fox News contributor and humorist Andy Levy added this, after complaining that the biggest Oscar snubs were "Kathryn Bigelow, Ben Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson, and Anne Hathaway’s snot".

Slate's Dave Weigel took some time out of decoding Capitol Hill to weigh in with this:

Comedian Rob Delaney was annoyed by the whole thing.

Perhaps the whole thing is ridiculous, but plot wizards never know who is watching. To wit: In 2009 a former Dreamworks exec sold a plot to a movie ... from her Facebook status.

For more on the secret sauce of Oscar contenders check here and here for a guide on how to turn your plot into an indie sensation.

[Photo by Flickr user detritus]