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Twitpic Founder's Social Network Heello Takes On Twitter (Again)

If at first you don't succeed, relaunch. That's Noah Everett's idea, anyway.

Twitpic Founder's Social Network Heello Takes On Twitter (Again)

As reported over at TheNextWeb, social media chat platform Heello is in the midst of a beta-phase relaunch. The service is the creation of Noah Everett, who also founded Twitpic, one of the more successful image sharing sites that piggybacked on Twitter's largely text-based system—and broke big when pictures of the Hudson River plane crash were shared. The service initially launched in 2011.

Based very much on the same design principles as Twitter itself, the site also has built-in photo and video systems as well as location check-in powers. But where Twitter is causing controversy by adjusting its terms and conditions, as well as shutting down third-party developer access with API changes, Heello promises to provide an "open ecosystem for everyone, with our user's best interests always in mind." In this manner Heello has an agenda similar to, a "paid-for" but open-principle alternative to Twitter that made a splash in 2012 by promising to avoid advertising.

Would you be tempted to switch away from the popular social sites like Twitter and Facebook to try an alternative? Or would you wait until it had achieved some sort of user momentum?

[Image: Flickr user luc legay]