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Where Are They Now?

Amazon's AutoRip Gives You Digital Versions Of All Those CDs You're Currently Using As Kitschy Coasters

Get MP3s of all the physical, shiny music you've purchased on Amazon since 1998.

Remember CDs? And liner notes? Amazon does, and it has just introduced a new service called AutoRip that will provide Amazon customers with a free, cloud-based, digital MP3 version of any CDs they purchase. And AutoRip isn't just for new CDs—Amazon is also offering the service for any CD purchased on the site since 1998.

AutoRip, which includes a catalog of 50,000 albums, is Amazon's attempt to stake out territory currently led by Apple's iCloud-based iTunes Match.

Though paper, metal, and plastic may no longer be a part of our digital music routine, many of us still hang on to dozens or hundreds of CDs. And though CD sales were down 13% in 2012, they're not dead yet: Physical is still the leading format for music purchases, according to a recent Nielsen study.

But AutoRip leaves us wondering: When can we get a bookish version of AutoRip for Kindle? Meantime, will you digitize all those Nirvana and Shania Twain CDs shoved in your closet? Yes, we know about the Shania.

[Image: Flickr user Leo-seta]