6 Oscar-Nominated Films That Shine A Spotlight On Visual Wizardry

With the Academy Awards nominees now out, it’s clear that in New Hollywood technology and innovative takes are making the moving pictures prettier than ever.

Lincoln tops the list for 2013’s Oscar nominations, with a grand total of four score and seven… well, 12 nominations including Best Picture and one for Daniel Day Lewis as best lead actor. This may not have been a super surprising pick by the Academy (historically important story? check. Spielberg? checkmate). But, more interestingly, Lincoln serves as a model for an emerging New Hollywood aesthetic–one that borrows ideas from startup culture (replete with studio hackathons), and puts innovative uses of technology (digital and otherwise) and visual wizardry (have you seen Beasts of the Southern Wild or Life of Pi?) on the same level as plot, story, and characters.


For proof, take a look at the pictures above. Yes, each of those films contain compelling characters in dynamic, dramatic stories. But they also each look like nothing we’ve seen before. All of which suggests that the future of film is bright–and wildly inventive.

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