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Where Are They Now?

Monument To Steve Jobs Goes Up In St. Petersburg

Although modeled on an Apple object, there is nothing remotely Apple-esque about the design.

Monument To Steve Jobs Goes Up In St. Petersburg

What is there to say about this memorial to Steve Jobs that was unveiled in St, Petersburg, Russia yesterday? So much. You can find it in the courtyard of the National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. It has more hidden goodness in it than a veterinary-prescribed bag of pet food. Not, of course, that we're calling it a dog's dinner. Oh no. This thing puts the phab into phablet.

The design, chosen through a competition run by the Progress IT Fund, is called Sunny QR Code and is the work of Gleb Tarasov. The front of the monument, which apes the shape of an iPhone, has been bestowed with a screen* (too small, Gleb, were Steve still around you'd be clearing your desk by now) on which you can see a slideshow of Jobs's life. Move around to the back and you'll find a QR code that will take you to a website commemorating the man whose vision made Apple the groundbreaking tech firm that it is today.

Look at these monuments to Russian criminals and tell me that you don't see a glorious similarity between them and Tarasov's design.

*Please, please don't let it be made by Samsung. That would just be too much.

[Image via RIA Novosti Igor Russak]