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Fitocracy Launches Android App

Popular app Fitocracy, which applies role-playing-game techniques to running and the gym, is now available for Android.

Fitocracy Launches Android App

Popular exercise gamification app Fitocracy has just launched an Android version. The app, which went live this morning, lets users compete against each other in fitness challenges and applies role-playing-game techniques to the gym. Fitocracy, which works on a freemium model, recently enhanced its social components as well. Numerous new features were added to the Android port, mainly relating to Facebook integration and exercise logging; an update was made to Fitocracy's iOS app as well.

The Android app is one of several fitness products to launch in recent weeks. Food and activity tracker Fitbit launched a wrist-mounted, Android-compatible product this week, and Misfit Wearables also premiered several wearable activity trackers at CES.

[Image: Wikimedia user spreadfilms]