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Major League Baseball's Iconic Call To The Bullpen Going Wireless

Fans seem especially worried about calls being dropped during crucial minutes in the game.

The iconic call from the manager to the bullpen in Major League Baseball is going wireless. T-Mobile USA, a sponsor of MLB, will provide Samsung Galaxy S III phones for teams to use instead of the landlines that have been a part of the game for decades. The new system will begin to roll out in 2013, though it was not clear if it was going to all ballparks and if so, when.

The announcement was made at the CES. T-Mobile will also be broadening connectivity in ballparks across the country.

On Twitter, many fans reacted to the news by making jokes about what will happen if calls are dropped or the number is intercepted.

What do you think? Was it time for Major League Baseball to go wireless? Or will you miss the landline calls?

Photo by Flickr user Jason Michael]