Record-Breaking Kickstarter Smartwatch Pebble Gets Launch Date

The much-delayed Pebble smartwatch, Kickstarter’s highest funded project, will start shipping in two weeks.

Record-Breaking Kickstarter Smartwatch Pebble Gets Launch Date

The Pebble smartwatch, poster child of the new trend for wrist-worn smartphone companions, has entered mass production and will start shipping on January 23rd. 15,000 units per week will be produced and will initially be sent out to the nearly 70,000 Kickstarter backers who were behind the initial funding for the project.

The Pebble project broke Kickstarter funding records, quickly surpassing its $100,000 goal and eventually reaching $10,267,000 in total funds. The sheer scale of the Kickstarter effort, combined with complexities encountered when trying to turn the project into a mass-produced consumer item, resulted in significant delays, and extensive criticism of the entire enterprise. The Pebble team responded with regular, detailed project updates on Kickstarter and by improving the device specifications.

Does the idea of a smartwatch appeal to you? Or its it merely a geeky fad?

[Image: Kevin Purdy via Twitter]

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