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So Did Instagram Lose Followers Last Year? All The Data Is Gone

Facebook says the change is meant to pull Instagram in line with its parent company's policy.

So Did Instagram Lose Followers Last Year? All The Data Is Gone
Flickr user sheldonschwartz

After a did-they-tumble or didn't-they-tumble controversy over Instagram's traffic numbers late last year, the photo sharing service has stopped reporting its traffic numbers on AppData, the source of the questionable traffic numbers.

The controversy came days after Instagram changed and then unchanged its privacy policies.

A Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch that Instagram's numbers were taken from AppData to be in line with Facebook policies.

"We don’t provide app usage metrics for apps owned or created by Facebook through our API [Application programming Interfaces]," a spokesperson told TechCrunch. "We’ve updated our API to reflect this for Instagram, which would remove it from AppData’s rankings." Effectively, this means that it’s not only AppData that will no longer have information on Instagram usage; anyone using the Facebook API for this data will also no longer be seeing that data.

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