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Cyber Attack Could "Fatally Compromise" British Government: Report

The government is urged to spend millions on beefing up security

Cyber Attack Could "Fatally Compromise" British Government: Report
Flickr user Techknowbutler

A cyber attack could fatally compromise the British military, which is incredibly dependent on information technology, lawmakers there warned Wednesday.

According to the Agence France-Presse the cyber attacks could cripple military communication and information systems, radars and satellites, and airplanes or ships used by troops.

The commons defense committee warned in a report: "The government needs to put in place—as it has not yet done— mechanisms, people, education, skills, thinking and policies which take into account both the opportunities and the vulnerabilities that cyber presents. It is time the government approached this subject with vigour."

Over on this side of the pond—we know from serious cyber attacks. But that doesn't mean we can get a cyber security bill through Congress.