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Lance Armstrong May Come Clean On Oprah

The interview comes shortly after a report he was ready to admit he doped.

Lance Armstrong May Come Clean On Oprah
Martyna Borkowski/Rubenstein via Creative Commons

After a terrible 2012 for Lance Armstrong (recap: he was stripped of seven Tour de France titles after numerous teammates testified they had seen him use performance enhancing drugs, dropped by his sponsors, stepped down from his role at Livestrong, and was banned from competing in most athletic competitions), the cyclist/cancer survivor is heading to Oprah.

The appearance has drawn speculation that he may admit to doping during his illustrious career, especially after the New York Times reported he was considering coming clean so he could resume his athletic career (while Armstrong doesn't cycle much anymore, he is an active triathlete and marathoner).

The interview will air during a special 90-minute Thursday-night episode of Oprah's Next Chapter on Thursday, January 17.

Listen to audio excerpts of Chuck Salter's 2010 interview with Armstrong here and read his 2012 interview with Livestrong CEO Doug Ulman here.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Armstrong had been stripped of his Olympic medal. That decision has been delayed for procedural reasons.