Super Bowl Advertising Sold Out Says CBS, But Obscene Amount Of Money Could Get You A Spot

That amount, said CBS head Leslie Moonves, with a wolfish grin, is around “five or six million.” But do you want to hear what some of the sponsors have in store for viewers on February 3?

Super Bowl Advertising Sold Out Says CBS, But Obscene Amount Of Money Could Get You A Spot

The coveted TV spot hotspot that is Super Bowl XLVII is completely full, says the Chairman and CEO of CBS, Leslie Moonves. He did, however, suggest that, if a movie studio was willing to shovel five or six million dollars in the network’s direction, he could probably squeeze them in. Moonves was at the Super Bowl’s media day in Manhattan yesterday, where a whole heap of little factoids about the annual event that leaves U.S. citizens with severe sofa burn were revealed.

  • The average price for a 30-second slot is anything between $3.7 and $3.8 million, up from last year’s average of $3.5 million.
  • Late Show With David Letterman should have its own little promo spot as well. Scream!
  • With a lot of pre-game excitement already trending on social networks, some of the sponsors are already revealing their plans for the big night: Paramount has an app-based promotional sweepstake to go with the Super Bowl spot for Star Trek Into Darkness.
  • Coca-Cola, Ford, Pepsi, Mercedes, Doritos, Samsung, VW, and Oreo are just some of the players you’ll see in the 60-70 spots on February 3.

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