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Mobile Phone Companies Talk About EU-Wide Network

European cell phone operators are in talks that could create a pan-European network.

Mobile Phone Companies Talk About EU-Wide Network

According to a new report, European mobile phone operators from a number of countries are investigating the different ways their systems could be integrated to form a Europe-wide cell phone infrastructure. Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Telecom Italia, and Spain-based Telefonica are the companies involved, and between them they own controlling influences in networks across the Union.

The idea is to lower infrastructure costs in order to survive the tricky financial situation in the EU, as well as equip the companies to better tackle future challenges.

The only issues would seem to be complaints by national regulatory bodies inside the EU's member nations which could protest monopoly behavior and anti-consumer behavior. But a pan-EU network could also result in lower roaming fees and perhaps even lower overall phone and mobile data bills due to cost simplifications, and the EU government has long been regulating the industry to prevent these sorts of pricing problems affecting consumers.

Would a Europe-wide phone network challenge U.S. phone operators to improve their national coverage weak spots for 3G and 4G data?

[Image: Flickr user eioua]