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Kickstarter Backers Pledged $606.76 Per Minute Last Year

It was an impressive year for Kickstarter, which just released its 2012 highlights.

Kickstarter Backers Pledged $606.76 Per Minute Last Year

Not to be outdone by the PR teams at YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Stitcher Radio, Kickstarter has rounded up its highlights of 2012.

It might be the last year-end retrospective you'll read, but it won't be the least impressive. More than 2.2 million people backed a Kickstarter project during the year. Together they pledged a total of $319 million and successfully funded 18,109 projects—including a best-selling novel, an Oscar-nominated movie, and a bus stop based on a hit song by the B-52s.

Yes, it's a love shack.