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Time To Ditch The Cable? Aereo Expanding To 22 New Cities

The expansion is being funded by a new round of funding that raised $38 million.

Aereo, the Barry Diller-backed startup TV service, is spreading beyond New York City sometime "this spring," the company announced Tuesday.

The expansion, according to AllThingsD, will be funded by $38 million raised in a recent round of funding. It will be available, at the unspecified date, in Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Birmingham and more. It still won't be available any further West than Denver and Salt Lake City.

Aereo works by grabbing the TV signals from the local market so users can watch through products like iPads, computers and Apple TV.

Late last year, the company won a major legal battle when a judge declared the service was legal.

[Image: Flickr user Martin P. Szymczak]

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