Look: Scientists Catch Up With Elusive Giant Squid

It took two submarines, ultra-sensitive camera systems and more to get a good shot of the squid.

Look: Scientists Catch Up With Elusive Giant Squid

Images of a giant squid thought to have inspired myths of underseas monsters have emerged for the first time since the squid was caught on camera by a team of Japanese-led scientists in July of 2012.

The squid, according a joint press release from the Discovery Channel and the National Science Museum of Japan, is said to have “razor-toothed suckers and eyes the size of dinner plates”.

To capture the elusive creature, scientists used two deep sea submersibles with panoramic views, ultra-sensitive camera systems with light invisible to squid, bio luminescent lures and “secret squid attractants”.

Footage of the giant squid appear in a special episode of “Curiosity” on the Discovery Channel on January 27.

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[Images: European Pressphoto Agency]


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