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Where Are They Now?

Facebook Rolls Out Single-Column Timeline Redesign For New Zealand Users

Although New Zealand is the first port of call for the social network's latest redesign, some users in Europe are reporting that they see the new version, too.

Facebook, named yesterday as the world's best place to work, has started rolling out yet another redesign. The tweak, which gives users' Timelines a single column with which to astound their friends with tales of derring-do, dragon-slaying and, er, visits to the supermarket, is Facebook's attempt to bring the site's Messages service to the fore.

With so much recent focus on Facebook's cavalier attitude to user privacy—indeed, Instagram, Facebook's megabuck acquisition of 2012, had to row back on proposed privacy changes after an uproar by outraged Instagrammers—the firm is trying to keep Facebook-related news firmly on the product, rather than what lies behind it. Its New Year resolution for 2013, perhaps.

[Image: Flickr user Adam Paris]

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