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Fixed Connections! New Maps Make Craigslist Transactions Easier

And a new thumbnail display cuts down on search time for used... everything.

Fixed Connections! New Maps Make Craigslist Transactions Easier

Craigslist is making it easier for buyers and sellers (or missed connections, for that matter) to connect with a new map feature that plots out the location of the goods or apartment for sale. The change, brought to our attention by, comes only months after the maps were introduced to the apartment search categories of the web site following a messy fight with Padmapper.

The maps aren't the only update to the 17-year-old website. Craigslist also added a new way to view searches for things like furniture. Instead of the old list view, it now offers a thumbnail view so users can glance quickly at the goods instead of wasting time thumbing through ads.

The update comes as Craigslist continues to fight off a number of startup online marketplaces with cease and desist lawsuits. And with some 50 billion page views per month, the site's dominant position certainly seems secure for now.