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Google Chief Eric Schmidt Watches North Koreans Surf The Web

The DPRK's citizens use Google—that is, those who have access to the Internet.

Eric Schmidt was today shown how North Korea surfs the net. Google's executive chairman, who is, against the U.S. State Department's wishes, on a humanitarian visit to the pariah state, visited at the Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang, where he saw just how limited the country's access to the web is.

Not that the regime, currently headed by Kim Il Sung's grandson, Kim Jong-Un, would see it that way. A row of HP desktops in the university's e-library allowed students to trundle off the information micro-highway that is Korean web access and head off on a worldwide web odyssey—well, an odyssey of educational materials. And how do they search for said educational material? Google, natch.

[Image via Flickr user Joseph A Ferris III]

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