Ouya’s $45,000 Game Jam

Kickstarter-funded Android gaming console Ouya is offering developers $45,000 in prizes to build games within 10 days.

Ouya’s $45,000 Game Jam

Android gaming console Ouya, which famously Kickstarted $2.5 million in under 24 hours, is taking a similarly disruptive approach to game creation. Ouya announced today they they will hold a 10-day-long game jam in conjunction with Kill Screen for developers to create playable prototype games.

Winning games qualify for more than $45,000 in prizes donated by Ouya supporters. According to Kill Screen, entries will be judged on community support on YouTube and other platforms, successful use of the Ouya platform and SDK, and “purposely subjective views of the game’s sheer greatness.”

[Image: Ouya]