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Associated Press To Allow Sponsored Tweets From Official Account

The AP's twitter feed is dipping its toe into sponsored content.

Associated Press To Allow Sponsored Tweets From Official Account

In a move that the organization said "builds on AP's expansion into new advertising for mobile and social media," the Associated Press announced its Twitter account will be sending out "sponsored tweets" beginning with messages paid for by Samsung on Monday. The tweets will appear twice a day this week, according to a press release, and be clearly labeled as sponsored.

"As an industry, we must be looking for new ways to develop revenues while providing good experiences for advertisers and consumers," Lou Ferrera, the AP managing editor overseeing the newsroom social media effort said in a statement. "At the same time, advertisers and audiences expect AP to do that without compromising its core mission of breaking news."

The AP is following a trend of media and communications companies like BuzzFeed and Facebook using sponsored content to raise revenue.

As pointed out, an editor from the Boston Globe said his company had used the sponsored tweets with little pushback from readers.

[Image: Flickr user Bruce McKay]