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Facebook Tops Glassdoor's List Of The 50 Best Places To Work In 2013

The social networking company is the employee-voted favorite, with 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Work is better when it's social, according to the results of Glassdoor's new list of the 50 best places to work in 2013, which put Facebook on top. The list is based on company reviews and ratings from the Glassdoor community of more than 15 million members.

In addition to Facebook, this year's list includes other big-tech suspects such as Google and Apple; consulting conglomerates such as Bain and McKinsey; year-over-year honorees such as Trader Joe's, sporting goods retailer REI; and newcomers such as In-N-Out Burger.

See the full list here.

[Image: Flickr user Kumar Appaiah]