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iPhones And Americans: How Consumer Electronics Became A Trillion-Dollar Business

Global spending on consumer electronics will spike to $1.1 trillion this year, and iPhone-lovers in the U.S. are a big reason why.

It's easy to dismiss the Consumer Electronics Show going on right now in Las Vegas as a bit of a tech dinosaur—an event that Apple and even Microsoft shun as irrelevant to their plans. But new data from the Consumer Electronics Association suggests that global spending on CE goods will soar to $1.1 trillion during 2013, up about 4% on last year's figures.

In a pre-CES briefing, the CEA explained that much of the projected growth will come from emerging markets. Europe's CE spending will be flat as the economic crisis continues, and even the U.S. will only grow spending by some 2%.

Separately a study by Strategy Analytics pinpoints what devices Americans will be buying as part of this expenditure. Apple's iPhone topped SA's chart with 23.5% of those surveyed saying they planned to buy one during 2013. Android smartphones came second with 21.6% of the respondees planning to get one, just above portable PCs with a figure of 17.4%. Apple's other headline product, the iPad, came next at 15.3%, just above a big-news gadget, the smart TV (12.7%).

Which gadgets are you planning to buy in 2013? And do you think you'll spend more or less on consumer electronics than last year?

[Image: Flickr user LJR.Mike]