Time Warner Signs Up, Pushes Roku Over 700 Channels

Streaming TV video firm Roku is growing fast–it’s snagged a deal with Time Warner that adds some 300 channels to its menu, and the service will now integrate into TV sets.

Time Warner Signs Up, Pushes Roku Over 700 Channels

Roku just revealed that it has amassed more than 700 channels on its system, ready to be streamed to the HDTV sets of its increasingly big userbase. Part of the new channel growth comes from a deal with Time Warner Cable, which has signed up to deliver over 300 live TV channels when it’s integrated into Roku in a few months’ time. The deal marks the first time that TWC television content will be accessible over a consumer streaming TV device.

Meanwhile Haier, a slightly less well-known HDTV maker, has shown its new line of televisions at the CES show, and to help delineate Haier’s products in the cluttered marketplace, these sets will come with the special MHL port on their rear panel so that owners of Roku’s streaming stick can just plug them in directly.

Streaming TV content and smart TVs are two of the biggest tech trends for 2013. Are you going to upgrade your old “dumb” TV for a smart one?

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