Dude, *There’s* Your Car: Glympse Brings Mobile Location Sharing To Ford’s Smart Cars

Ready for a sequel, Ashton?

Dude, *There’s* Your Car: Glympse Brings Mobile Location Sharing To Ford’s Smart Cars

Social sharing experts Glympse have announced an exclusive partnership with Ford to become the only app to share your Sync-enabled car’s location. Working through Ford’s AppLink smartphone hands-free system, the app lets users share their current location with family or friends simply through voice control.

Glympse thinks the system will help reduce some driving dangers, such as the very first world problem of wanting to SMS or call people while driving to update them on your progress or lateness on a journey. Simply vocally commanding your Ford car to “Send a Glympse” would seem to be a lot simpler than stopping the car to send an SMS or a tweet, and the fact that recipients can then check out Glympse’s website to see the car’s position and ETA is definitely handy. Glympse also uses clever systems to ensure privacy is protected–the shared location data stops being updated after a time limit.

In-car smart app systems are a huge growth area right now, although the Glympse idea’s not necessarily brand new–Garmin has been busy incorporating location sharing into its GPS app, and even Apple has patented extensively in this sort of smart navigation tech.

How long ’til our cars are as clever as KITT?

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