Ford’s Sync Adds BeCouply App To Turn Drivers Into Dating Machines

Some critical relationship moments happen in cars. Now there’s now an app to help you get it on. The date, that is!

Ford’s Sync Adds BeCouply App To Turn Drivers Into Dating Machines

As American Graffiti teaches, the car is an important part of American dating history.

That’s more true than ever today because Ford’s Sync tech, which has already turned the automobile into a data-laden, connected machine, is bringing Sync into more intimate spaces: Dating. Revealed at CES, the new BeCouply app is designed to make it “fun and easy for users to discover great date ideas, capture special moments” and so on, all while in the comfort of your very own Ford. It all makes sense, the company suggests, because “for many couples date night begins behind the wheel.”

Here’s how it works: Simply ask the connected electronics in Ford’s Sync computer something like: “What are some good dating destinations nearby?” When the device responds, users can then ask for directions to a nearby bowling alley, or film theater or other venue. And if you’re worried about personal safety, don’t be: BeCouply is being tested with the AppLink system–connected to smartphone systems–to allow for hands-free operation.

Considering all the press Apple received when smart advice from Siri looked to help hide a body in the desert, one can’t help but wonder if BeCouply knows directions to help couples “be couply” in a car at the local Lover’s Point.

So what do you say, all you hot-blooded drivers: Would you trust your car to give you dating advice?

[Image: Flickr user Nesster]

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