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Jason Kilar, Pioneer Of Web Video, To Leave Hulu In Q1

Jason Kilar, CEO of streaming video service Hulu, has decided to depart the booming company after five years at the helm. He said Rich Tom, Hulu's CTO and SVP, will do the same. The news comes courtesy of Kilar himself, who penned a blog post to announce his decision.

In the post, Kilar runs through his record at Hulu, perhaps to affirm his legacy, by ticking off a slew of achievements, from revenue growth to launching Hulu Plus, the company's subscription service. At the very least, it's a sign of how much has changed on the web during Kilar's tenure as CEO. When he first joined the company revenue was in the six-figures; last year, it rocketed to nearly $700 million.

Despite that success, Kilar's time at Hulu was anything but a smooth ride, thanks to ever growing tension with the startup's backers, which include NBCUniversal and News Corp. This relationship was recently outlined in great detail in Fast Company's profile of Kilar and Hulu in our November issue.