• 01.15.13

How To…Negotiate A Salary

If you’re the shy or creative type, a salary negotiation is a far-from-comfortable interaction. Handle your next money talk with mettle using these principles.

How To…Negotiate A Salary

1. Know whom you’re dealing with
Whether it’s a raise discussion with current employers or a salary conversation with a new company, it helps to know the bargaining style of your counterpart. “Chances are you aren’t the first to go toe-to-toe with that person,” says Brent Weinstein, head of digital media for United Talent Agency. He describes two types of bargainers: the person who is comfortable with multiple rounds of haggling and the person who cuts straight to the chase. Try to identify the type that matches your current or future boss.


2. It’s not just about salary
“In a marketplace that is less traditional than it’s ever been, approaching a negotiation with creativity is important,” says Weinstein. “Some people focus on how much money they’re making. But there are other levers that can be pulled: What are the full terms of my employment? Am I getting equity? What’s the bonus structure?”

Go ahead, make the first move
Weinstein doesn’t believe the concept that whoever makes the first move ultimately ends up losing. “There’s a tremendous amount of power you have bringing the negotiations onto your turf,” he says. Do some research on the market value of your position and drop that bold salary request up front.

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