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Google Removes Chinese Censorship Warnings

Chinese Google users will no longer receive warnings when their search queries are censored by China's government.

Google Removes Chinese Censorship Warnings

Google has quietly removed a feature that notifies Chinese users of censored keywords. Chinese Internet freedom advocacy site Greatfire reports Google tweaked their Chinese search features in early December; both the notification functionality and a help article which explained how to navigate censored searchers were removed. A Google representative confirmed the functionality was removed to TechCrunch. Google moved their Chinese operations to quasi-autonomous Hong Kong in 2010; the search giant is also building a massive data center in Hong Kong, which will be Google's first Asian data center outside of Singapore or Taiwan.

In 2010, Google called for Western web companies to bypass China's censorship regime. However, Google has collaborated with the Chinese government in the past.

[Image: Wikimedia user 螺钉]