Kickstarter Gets Serious: Space Game “Elite” Wins Record $2 Million Funding

A crowdfunded project to rejig a classic computer game for the 21st century breaks Kickstarter records for funding targets.

Kickstarter Gets Serious: Space Game “Elite” Wins Record $2 Million Funding

Though the U.K. edition of crowdfund platform Kickstarter is still brand new, Forbes notes that one project on that platform has shattered some Kickstarter records. The Elite: Dangerous fund, from Cambridge-based gaming company Frontier Developments, asked for £1.25 million (just over $2 million) and successfully reached the fund goal with two days to go. The fund’s now rushing toward $2.4 million in its closing hours.

Elite, which debuted in 1984, was one of the first and most important pseudo-realistic space games. It demonstrated amazing coding innovations (the entire game fitted into a file that’s smaller than the size of most file names today). Creator David Braben is behind the new Kickstarter mission to launch a 21st century Net-connected version.

While other Kickstarter projects have certainly raised more money–the Pebble smartwatch soared past its $1 million goal and eventually earned $10 million–a Kickstarter spokesman confirmed via a phone call to Fast Company that Elite: Dangerous is the highest fund target to yet be achieved. The goal was not uncontroversial, as early commenters on the project noted. Where other Kickstarter projects have gone “viral” and raised runaway amounts of cash, it’s possible this project proves Kickstarter is maturing into a platform where highly ambitious business goals can be set and then achieved.

[Image: Frontier Developments]

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