Microsoft Has One Word For FTC-Google Deal: ‘Weak’

Microsoft’s VP expressed his concerns about loopholes in the ‘unusual’ agreement.

Microsoft Has One Word For FTC-Google Deal: ‘Weak’

While champagne bottles may have been popping at Google on Thursday, Microsoft’s Vice President David Heitner slammed the FTC’s deal with the search giant in a blog post on Thursday afternoon, calling the deal “weak” and “frankly — unusual”.

The FTC ended its two-year investigation into Google on Thursday with Google agreeing to change a few of its anticompetitive business practices. But Heitner said the deal “may not have obtained adequate relief even on the few subjects that Google has agreed to address.”

His main gripe? The regulatory body didn’t solicit feedback from other major players in the industry (i.e. Microsoft) on the language in the agreement, which Heitner worries has major loopholes. “Had the agency asked, we would have explained that Google’s promise on ad campaign portability falls short of the mark in various ways,” he said.

So industry experts, what do you think? Was the deal fair to everyone?

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