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Even Gorillas Couldn't Scratch Corning's New Smartphone Glass (Well, Probably)

Corning's revealed its newest, toughest glass...destined to protect your phone's display from your keys as they jangle in the same pocket.

Corning's Gorilla Glass—a super bendy and scratch-resistant glass perfect for protecting mobile devices—has been a hidden but vital part of the success of touchscreen smartphones and tablets. Now, just ahead of CES 2013, Corning's revealed its third iteration of the tech. Yup, it's better than ever.

Corning long ago cracked the flexibility issue of its super-strong glass, so that your phone's screen is more likely to flex rather than break if you sit on it or drop it. But the new Gorilla Glass 3 improves one thing that really does deplete the experience of using a touchscreen: scratches. A new Native Damage Resistance secret trick is in place, and Corning says it does a much better job of resisting scratches and reducing the visibility of any scratches you manage to inflict. That means 2013's smartphone screens may be three times less likely to scratch and have 40% fewer visible scratches. As a bonus they'll also be half as strong again as before if you do manage to damage them seriously.

How soon after you bought your last smartphone did you manage to scratch it? And would you choose a phone on the strength of its screen?

[Image: Flickr user Peter Werkman]

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