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Facebook's Messenger Gets Voice Option As The Firm Tests VoIP Service In Canada

Watch out Skype, and all you other VoIP peeps, Facebook is on your case.

Mark Zuckerberg is acting on his promise of putting Facebook's mobile services first—after all, mobile is where the action is. Last week we had the Poke app, Facebook's Snapchat clone, and as of yesterday, users of Facebook's iOS and Android Messenger apps can now leave voice messages for friends.

And if you're in Canada, you can make and receive VoIP calls. Expect this one to be a runaway success and, when it almost certainly rolls out to the rest of the world, Facebook will be providing free phone calls to a billion people—unless, of course, its plan is eventually to charge for all the extra little doo-dahs that other VoIP providers charge for.

[Image from Flickr user]