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Looking For More Shares? Just Ask

Some tips from social media scientist Dan Zarrella can net you some more retweets.

Looking For More Shares? Just Ask

If you're looking for people to comment on your blog post, a new study from Dan Zarrella has one suggestion: ask. Zarella, a social media scientist at HubSpot, found in his latest research that Facebook posts that use phrases like "comment", "like", or "share" were more likely to get that response. On blog posts, the phrase "Please Comment" received a 400% increase in user response while "Comment Below" received an average 200% increase. Finally, requests to "please retweet" saw content being retweeted 60 percent of the time while stories that didn't include similar language were retweeted only 10 percent of the time.

Looking for some more social media rules? We (with some help from you) came up with a few last year.

[Image: Flickr user Gene Han]