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Pinterest Acquires Aspirational Foodie Site Punchfork

Punchfork will retire its homepage and mobile apps soon after the acquisition is complete.

Pinterest Acquires Aspirational Foodie Site Punchfork

Popular social media site Pinterest is acquiring one of its near-look alike sites, Punchfork, the latter company announced on Thursday. Punchfork, a food-only site, allows users to view thousands of mouth-watering recipes and dream foods like its new parent company. But unlike Pinterest, it allows foodies to divide the recipes easily into categories like "vegan only" or "most liked".

"Pinterest is often described as a platform for inspiration, and we feel this aligns perfectly with the goals of Punchfork. We couldn't be more thrilled to join forces with the Pinterest team in San Francisco," Punchfork's CEO Jeff Miller said in a statement.

Punchfork will soon retire its site and mobile apps, the company said.

We encourage you to check out Pinterest's latest acquisition but warn: it is just as addictive as Pinterest and after spending only a few minutes only the site we're already plotting how to make easy tomato soup and homemade croutons.

[Image: Flickr user Frank Bättermann]