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eBay Now Giving Customers Pick-Up, Drop-Off Options

The auctioning hothouse goes offline to find new customers.

eBay Now Giving Customers Pick-Up, Drop-Off Options

For customers weary of selling their goods online, eBay is trying to make it a little easier with pilot pick-up and drop-off programs, according to an AllThingsD report. The program allows customers to sell their goods through intermediaries, who take a cut of the profits for the sale. Once customers register for the service, an eBay employee comes to their home to pick up the goods and then delivers them to the so-called "expert" seller.

The second program allows customers to drop off goods at a mall for a registered seller to evaluate them. The customer can then accept or reject the price or list it on their own eBay account.

What do you think eBay enthusiasts—would you try it?