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Facebook Is Top Social Network In 127 Countries

That leaves only 10 countries to conquer. Maps by the analyst Vincenzo Cosenza show the inexorable march of Zuck's gang.

Facebook Is Top Social Network In 127 Countries

Using data from Alexa, social media analyst Vincenzo Cosenza has updated his biannual stats on worldwide social media use. And, unsurprisingly, it's Facebook that dominates the show in 127 of 137 countries. Just 18 months ago, Orkut was the top social media site in Brazil, but it has been eclipsed by Facebook, which now counts over a billion users.

Of all the continents, Asia has most Facebook users, with 278 million users. However, it is dwarfed by users of QZone, with 552 million users in China alone. One interesting stat on Cosenza's map, however, is that, in the past six months, QZone has overtaken Facebook in South Korea. Only Russia, China, and Iran, with their own, homegrown networks, seem impervious to Mark Zuckerberg's charms. I wonder why that is?