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Microsoft Exec Blames Google For Windows Phone Woes

Is Google trying to sabotage the Windows Phone?

Microsoft Exec Blames Google For Windows Phone Woes

Once upon a time Apple was blamed for some strange iPhone app woes that may have also been Google's fault. (More recently Google's gone rogue with its own iOS apps.) Now a variation on the same story is being played out between Microsoft and Google. Microsoft's deputy general counsel Dave Heiner blogged yesterday that it's all Google's fault that its taken two years to get a proper YouTube app working on Windows smartphones. Google, according to Heiner, has been discussing the matter at the senior executive level and pressuring YouTube coders to cripple the app's experience on Microsoft phones.

This isn't a high school cafeteria you suddenly wandered into, this is between two of the bigger names in worldwide mobile and desktop computing. And Google is expected to settle today with the FTC, which has accused the company of widespread monopolistic abuse.

Is it time for these companies to stop sniping at each other and just deliver better products to consumers? Or are you inclined to believe Microsoft's story?

[Image: Flickr user John.Karakatsanis]